FashionABLE Meetings

These initial meetings are REQUIRED in order to participate in FashionABLE. The meetings will take place at the designated school at 6:30 PM.
Due to limited availability, these meetings cannot be made up, 

January 18, 2023

Johnson High School

5 Models

February 1, 2023

Wagner High School

5 Models

February 6, 2023

Steven's High School

6 Models

February 9, 2023

East Central High School

10 Models

January 25, 2023

Smithson Valley High School


January 25, 2023

Marshall High School


Sponsorships & Deposit Links

Model Sponsorship

This is a donation.


You will receive credit for this donation on the FashionABLE program. You will receive a picture of your sponsored model(s), and tickets to the show.


This will be refunded/reversed after the model attends the FashionABLE show if all attendance requirements are met.


This is a deposit, you will receive your money back at the FashionABLE show. To receive your deposit back, attendance at fittings and the FashionABLE show is required.

Thank you to our FashionABLE 2022 Sponsors