SBTX Vision

Create opportunities for community growth and achievement for those with Spina Bifida while impacting prevention efforts through folic acid education.

Programs & Services Offered by SBTX

The SBTX Lending Closet

 The SBTX Lending Closet provides emergency life-saving medical supplies and medical equipment for individuals in need and those who relocated affected by a natural disaster. In addition to providing supplies, trained staff provides guidance and information on available resources for long term assistance

New Parent Support

Because the diagnosis of Spina Bifida can be overwhelming for new families, we provide them with a “New Parent Packet” which contains information on medical issues associated with this complex disability as well as with information on community resources and funding for the families. Volunteer veteran parents meet with the family and give them the much needed encouragement and support during this trying time.

Resource Library

SBTX continually updates and stocks this library with information on the many issues associated with Spina Bifida. These books and publications are available at the SBTX office for families who wish to learn more about this complex disability. 

Self Advocacy Support

SBTX encourages families to be advocates for their child’s education by assisting them through the Admission Review and Dismissal (ARD) process at their respective school district. The ARD meetings are important in determining the eligibility for special programs and educational needs of the student. These meetings are extremely important in determining the scholastic success of students, but many parents are unprepared or unsure of ARD process. SBTX staff will often advise and attend these meetings with the families.   

QOL & Scholarship Opportunities

We also have a quality of life enhancement program that includes sponsorship opportunities to attend camp and participate in sports and arts programs for individuals with Spina Bifida. SBTX provides young adults with scholarships so that they can pursue higher education opportunities at either an accredited college or trade school.

Spina Bifida Conference

This full-day conference contains valuable information on all aspects of this complex disability. Doctors, medical professionals, as well as educational specialists share their vast knowledge with the families. Medical topics covered include neurological, orthopedic, and urology. Also covered are independence issues, learning disabilities, and physical fitness opportunities in the community.

Folic Acid Awarness

We provide folic acid awareness information, multivitamins that contain folic acid, and bags and mirrors with our folic acid message to women of childbearing age. We outreach to high schools, colleges, health events, bridal fairs, and the mass bridal ceremony in downtown San Antonio on Valentine's Day.

Webinar Series

SBTX is hosting free virtual education where we provide answers to the topics on everyone’s mind. These fast, convenient sessions are packed with information and made available to all online and through DVDs.

Support Group

SBTX support groups provide an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about diseases or treatments.

Member Events

Throughout the year, SBTX hosts events to bring families together to foster fellowship and community.


The designers create a garment that is modified in a way that helps the child with their daily dressing needs. With the objective of empowering the models to dress with dignity and independence, all aspects of the garment are fabricated with the wearer’s everyday challenges in mind. When the garment is completed the designer/model team participates in a runway-style fashion show in which the designers compete for scholarships and prizes.

SB Day

SB Day is aimed to educate and promote fellowship within the Spina Bifida Community. SBTX provides families with an opportunity to spend the day with other SB families at Morgan’s Wonderland, an ultra-accessible theme park. SB Day contains a resource fair with agencies and companies that serve this community and mini education seminars where qualified experts speak on less intense yet common issues associated with Spina Bifida.

Disability Awareness Education

Provides organizations and groups strategies and resource for the implementation of principals of universal design, advocacy, disability rights, and disability sensitivity.